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 Contract Bonds

BaySide represents several types of surety markets including specialty surety companies, sureties who write through the SBA Guarantee Program, and purely standard markets.  This allows you to have the best opportunity to be placed quickly, with the best rates and conditions.  We also have express programs up to $350,000 for single jobs, with an aggregate total of  $500,000.

 Our focus at BaySide is largely non-Standard surety, both Contract and Commercial. We work with surety companies who use various tools, thinking outside the box if you will, to best allow us to place your account. The following……next

Commercial / Miscellaneous Bonds

Here at BaySide our Commercial Department is very unique to the surety industry. Every commercial bond request is unique in its own way and should be treated as such. We have several Commercial markets who work closely with us to consider every bond request regardless of the financials presentation, credit of the Principal or circumstances…next

Probate / Court Bonds

Probate Bonds including:

-Administrator – An Administrators bond is used when there is not a will in a deceased estate. The bond is needed to manage or distribute the assets of an estate and pay all claims and debts.

-Executor – An executor bond is used….next

Transportation / Trucking Bonds

Transportation / Trucking Bonds
ICC Property Broker Bond (BMC 84)
Highway Use Tax Bonds
Oversize Permit Bonds
HELP-Prepass Bondsnext

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